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Mastering Fear – Parshat Veyetzei

Key Notes: Hear Rabbi Jack Melul of AishLIT talk about this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Veyetzie, and how we can all learn the art of mastering fear. Every feeling and emotion we have as humans is there for a good reason. Including fear. Just like any other character/middah, we want the feeling of fear to Read more about Mastering Fear – Parshat Veyetzei[…]

The Miracle Of Israel In The Torah - AishLIT Website

The Miracle Of Israel In The Torah

Key Notes: In this week’s Torah portion we learn that the land of Israel will always be desolate as long as the Jewish people aren’t living there. Indeed for the past 2000 years the land of Israel was desolate. We are watching the miraculous predictions of the Torah all given to us well before the Read more about The Miracle Of Israel In The Torah[…]