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Passover | The holiday of true freedom

Key Notes: What is true freedom? Sometimes we think we are free but really we aren’t. Passover teaches us that having what we want whenever we want, does not always translate into true freedom. If we are not able to overcome our temptations when we need to, then we are actually enslaved to our temptation. Read more about Passover | The holiday of true freedom[…]

This world can never give us absolute joy - Parshat Shemini

This World Can Never Give Us Absolute Joy – Parshat Shemini

Key Notes: THIS WORLD CAN NEVER GIVE US ABSOLUTE JOY! An inspiring message on the sorrow of sergeant Alex Sasaki Z”l whilst experiencing the joy of our newborn nephew, and the connection to this weeks Torah portion Shemini. Shabbat Shalom, AishLIT Please follow and like us:

Should We Be Afraid of What People Think – Parshat Pikudei

Key Notes: A beautiful insight to Parshat Pikudei by Rabbi Jack and Shira Melul. The Torah goes out of its way to repeat the description of the tabernacle all in order to describe how the money was used. Moses was appointed to the money. This teaches a great lesson. Even if you are trustworthy like Read more about Should We Be Afraid of What People Think – Parshat Pikudei[…]