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Passover | The holiday of true freedom

Key Notes: What is true freedom? Sometimes we think we are free but really we aren’t. Passover teaches us that having what we want whenever we want, does not always translate into true freedom. If we are not able to overcome our temptations when we need to, then we are actually enslaved to our temptation. Read more about Passover | The holiday of true freedom[…]

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Melul Girls Singing Mah Nishtana

Key Notes: Feel the Passover vibes with the Melul girls singing mah nishtana. Join Rabbi Jack Melul as he explains why we wish each other a happy and kosher Passover. Why don’t we just say Happy Passover or Chag Sameyach like we would for any other Jewish holiday? Mah Nishtana background song by SHTARMUSIC – Read more about Melul Girls Singing Mah Nishtana[…]

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Taco, Tequila, and Torah Tuesdays – 03/06/2018 Passover Passover is fast approaching, and 30 days before Passover starts it says shoalim vedorshim behilchot pesach – you ask and talk about the laws of Passover. In this generation people often times feel the need to travel the world. Shira Melul once met David Yarus, the creator Read more about Passover[…]

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Why Are Jews So Obsessed With Egypt

Key Notes: The Nachmanides at the end of Parshat Bo (בא) asks the question, what is it with the Jewish obsession with Egypt? We left Egypt over 3000 years ago and yet we still relive the story every year. We, put it on the tefillin (תפילין) we wear first thing in the morning, put it Read more about Why Are Jews So Obsessed With Egypt[…]