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AishLIT 2019 – Year In Review

Past AishLIT Events: 2019 Weekly Shabbat Dinner Special Birthday Shabbats Taco, Tequila, and Torah Tuesday Wine Wisdom Wednesday Donut Party Hanukkah Shabbat Layla Lavan Moroccan Shabbat Dating Smart w/ Dr. Lieberman Rabbi Becher Sukkot Happy Hour Sukkot Rosh Hashana September Challah Bake May Challah Bake The Holiday of Shavout Ice Cream Sundaes and Comedy Hawaiian Read more about AishLIT 2019 – Year In Review[…]

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Passover | The holiday of true freedom

Key Notes: What is true freedom? Sometimes we think we are free but really we aren’t. Passover teaches us that having what we want whenever we want, does not always translate into true freedom. If we are not able to overcome our temptations when we need to, then we are actually enslaved to our temptation. Read more about Passover | The holiday of true freedom[…]

Why my 2019 resolution is no resolution!

Why My 2019 Resolution Is No Resolution

a Key Notes: 2019s resolution should have no resolution. A beautiful insight to the Torah portion of Shemot and Vaera. Today more then ever humanity needs to allow themselves to think. That is exactly what the evil inclination doesn’t want us to do. It will do everything to ensure we avoid thinking about our reality. Read more about Why My 2019 Resolution Is No Resolution[…]

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How To Become A Better Person – Parshat Vayechi

Key Notes: In Parshat vayechi we learn the Torah’s guidance to becoming a better person. All of our personalities are inter- related. If we are able to focus on improving what we are best at we will improve what we are worst at. Taken from Alei Shur Aleph p145. Shabbat Shalom, AishLIT Please follow and Read more about How To Become A Better Person – Parshat Vayechi[…]