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Doing Jewish and Chanuka

Key Notes: Hear Rabbi Jack Melul talk about an important message that Jacob (יעקב) first shared with his brother, and how it connects to the story of Chanuka (חנוכה). After running away from his brother, Jacob lived with his uncle Lavan (לבן), who was an evil guy. Years later he tells his brother that he Read more about Doing Jewish and Chanuka[…]

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The Power Of Free Time

Key Notes: Hear Rabbi Jack Melul talk about the great power of free time. Not for rest or quite, but rather as a defining tool of who you are and how you are seen. From parashat vayetz (ויצא) we learn that Jacob ( יעקב) had to leave his brother Esou (עשו). Rather than telling the Read more about The Power Of Free Time[…]

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Making It Yours

Key Notes: Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss two important messages we could all learn from Jacob (יעקב). One focuses on bad influence, the other on making it yours. In mystical Jewish teaching we are taught that when a woman is pregnant, an angel teaches the baby the whole torah (תורה). When Rivkah (רבקה) was pregnant Read more about Making It Yours[…]