This world can never give us absolute joy - Parshat Shemini

This World Can Never Give Us Absolute Joy – Parshat Shemini

Key Notes: THIS WORLD CAN NEVER GIVE US ABSOLUTE JOY! An inspiring message on the sorrow of sergeant Alex Sasaki Z”l whilst experiencing the joy of our newborn nephew, and the connection to this weeks Torah portion Shemini. Shabbat Shalom, AishLIT

Sukkot, The Holiday Of Happiness - AishLIT Website

Sukkot – The Holiday Of Happiness

Key Notes: Hear Rabbi Jack Melul discuss Sukkot (סוכות), the holiday of happiness and the meaning behind the holiday as a whole. Featuring a special guest appearance of two of his daughters. In a straight to the point talk, Rabbi Jack explains that the word sukkah (סוכה) in Hebrew comes form the word sikuach (סכוך). Read more about Sukkot – The Holiday Of Happiness[…]