March 7, 2018

Israel Trip Summer 2018

Jaffa - Israel 2 - Israel Trip 2018

Israel Trip – 2018

This amazing, two weeks, all-inclusive Israel trip is geared towards Jewish young professionals and grad students looking for a journey filled with many adventures of self-discovery and Jewish roots. All while enjoying the fun activities of kayaking, zip lining, hiking, and the beautiful yet wonderfully chaotic Tel Aviv. It is a trip to experience Jerusalem and all of its glory, and a time to network, branch out, and create memories that will last a lifetime with amazing young professionals from all around LA. Featuring your very own Rabbi Jack and Shira Melul, who are hosting thier first AishLIT Israel trip, together with RDC (Rabbi David Cohen).

Some fun and important details:
Cost: As low as $999 – All Inclusive
Dates: June 25th, 2018 – July 11th, 2018
Ages: 21-29

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