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AishLIT 2019 – Year In Review

Past AishLIT Events: 2019 Weekly Shabbat Dinner Special Birthday Shabbats Taco, Tequila, and Torah Tuesday Wine Wisdom Wednesday Donut Party Hanukkah Shabbat Layla Lavan Moroccan Shabbat Dating Smart w/ Dr. Lieberman Rabbi Becher Sukkot Happy Hour Sukkot Rosh Hashana September Challah Bake May Challah Bake The Holiday of Shavout Ice Cream Sundaes and Comedy Hawaiian Read more about AishLIT 2019 – Year In Review[…]

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Why On Earth Do We Pray? | EP25 | Relatable Judaism Podcast

Relatable Judaism Podcast | EP25 KEY NOTES: Did you ever wonder why an infinite being needs our prayers? There are many questions on the Jewish view of prayer mainly since the creator is infinite. Infinite means G-d is all powerful, all loving and all knowing. Does he not know what we need already? Does he Read more about Why On Earth Do We Pray? | EP25 | Relatable Judaism Podcast[…]